ICEP Certification

 The RecyclART project offers the opportunity to certify the knowledge that you’ve acquired through the provided materials. 

This is an opportunity provided in partnership with the Institute of Certification of Personnel (ICEP). 

The certification process consists of the following steps: 

  1. 1. Submitting your request via email to one of the listed contacts. For this you will need to provide us with: o Email with which you’d like to be registered on the ICEP platform 
  2. o Your name and surname (will be used for the certificate) 
  3. o Your fiscal code (applies to Italian citizens only) 
  • 2. Once your submission is approved (average time for review is 2-3 days) you will receive an email with the following: o A link to your certification exam session 
  • o Username (your email) and automatically generated password (which you can change later) to log into the ICEP platform and access your certification exam session 

3. Once you click the link and log into the ICEP platform, you will be able to take a 30-question which is based on the RecyclART materials provided on the RecyclART Learning Platform. Note that the numbers of attempt you to take the exam is limited. 

4. Taking the exam with a score above the described threshold for it in the platform, will result in acquiring the certificate. This will also unlock you the option to download your newly acquired certificate from the ICEP platform